1. Things have got much better….In bullet points.


    • My dad moved to Rugby to be nearer to us. It’s so nice to have him here. 
    • Having remicade (Infliximab) every six weeks. Working pretty well. 
    • Should be taking asacol but I’m not….woops! 
    • Clomipramine. I’m on 250mg a day. Apart from dry mouth and the sedative effect, it’s going good.
    • Finally feeling comfortable with my weight and how I look. 
    • Feeling like I am actually living now instead of just existing. 
  2. jojo-anna-bee:

    Pictures from my Remicade treatment. It is going great. I no longer get stressed about it but the actual treatment is soooooooo boring. 

    This is my other blog. Instead of posting twice I’ll just reblog it. 

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  5. internetr0yalty:


    These bitches make me tired!

    i take mine before bed .but i kinda wake up in a like a daze . you too ?

    Yeah I take mine before Bed too, When I wake up I always wake up worrying and want to do things, these make me feel so heavy and I just sort of clomp around the place in a daze as you said! lol Stupid things.